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Ready for some real air combat? Then its time to pick up the new Genius joystick MetalStrike FF! With a force feedback function, MetalStrike FF lets you feel the effects of taking off, landing, and stalling in simulation games and also lets you experience what if feels like to bump, crash or shoot when playing air combat games.

Plus for all the fun youre having, there is an innovative air control function; three levels of air control that will keep your hand cool and dry but also make it exciting when flying.

A 4-axis design including the rudder is ideal for simulated flight games and can provide Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, and Power controls. MetalStrike FF also provides an adjustable handle position for comfortable control.

It also has 13 programmable buttons, an 8-way point of view hat switch, and a Turbo function for auto-repeat so you can fly your aircraft just like a real plane.

-Force feedback function lets you experience the effects of taking off, landing, stalling, bumps, crashes, etc.
-Three levels (off/1/2) of air control to keep your hand cool plus feel the effects of flying.
-4-axis: X, Y, Z, and rudder for Aileron, Elevator, Throttle and power control ideal for simulated flight games.
-Turbo function for auto repeat - good for shooting in flight games.
-13 programmable buttons include fire trigger, four fire buttons and eight base buttons.
-8-way point-of-view hat switch to change your view points when flying.
-Adjustable handle position provides comfortable control of your plane.
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