Sell Forced vibration and resonance experimental apparatus

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Forced vibration and resonance are often used in engineering and science research. For example, in fields of architecture and mechanical engineering, resonance is unfavorable and often needs to be avoided to ensure the quality of construction. However, in some petrochemical processing enterprises, principle of resonance is frequently used to detect fluid density and fluid level. Therefore, forced vibration and resonance are important laws of physics, and are getting more attention in physics and engineering.
The apparatus takes the tuning fork vibration system as the study object, and takes the electromagnetic force of excitation coil as the excitation force, and piezoelectric transducing chip as the amplitude monitoring sensor, to measure relationship between the vibration amplitude and the frequency of the driving force. It is equipped with an additional PC acquisition and analysis system, and it can automatically scan the resonance curve, and measure the mass of weight b linear fitting method.
The apparatus can be used for following experiments:
1. 1. Study the tuning vibrating system in relation of amplitude and forced frequency under the action of external periodic force, measure and draw the resonance curve of vibrating system and find out the resonance frequency and vibration acutance of vibrating system, and then through the computer automatically analyze the curve based on the real time measured curve by computer. Interface software can also be used to automatically collect data of curve and to analyze the hardness of vibration system.
2. Measure the relationship between the vibration of tuning fork and mass of symmetric double arms and find out the relation formula of tuning fork resonance frequency and symmetric mass attached on certain position on the double arms of tuning fork.
3. 3. Measure mass of a pair of mass blocks attached on the fixed position on tuning fork by way of measuring the resonance frequency, and automatically analyze with the data collection software. The apparatus has obvious physics phenomenon and reliable experimental data and is applicable to fundamental physics experiment, design and research experiment as well as lecture experiment.