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Specifications of forever flashlight
1. Features:
1) Shake it forward and backward while use, so as to make it generating to light up.
2) Its switch system is based on advanced magnetic induction technologies, so it's long
in service life and reliable in performance.

2. Advantages:
1) A torch is used for emergency lighting purpose, no battery is required, Environmentally friendly, saves energy. traditional torch which use battery will become ineffective and produce pollution if the torch is left idle for a long time.
2) Recharge anywhere, anytime without using any power source, only through 15 - 30 seconds of shaking will give you give you up to 3-10 minutes of lighting.
3) This innovative torch is the breakthrough in solution to waste and inconvenience.
4) Self-supplying, it will serve you long and well.

1) Never keep it close to household appliances or other articles which need to be
shielded from magnetism.
2) We will not take the responsibility for any loss caused by improper use.
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