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The flashlight never need a battery. It is charged by shaking the unit. Never let you down. At home, in the car, in your camper or boat or storm emergency kit, it is always ready, even if you haven't used or checked it for years.
Characteristics of products:
Environmental protection type, no need of battery.
High-luminance LED light, no need of replacement.
Easy charging, 15-30 seconds of shaking provides continuous illumination of 5 minutes(S:3min M:5min L:10min) .
Highly sealed, water-proof all-weath.

For the best results, follow these steps in charging
1. Turn the unit off with a switch
2. Hold the unit parallel to the ground and shake it with moderate force about two three times per second.

Please keep the torch away from electrical appliances like TV, Computer Etc so as to protect the torch from the disturbance wave radiated by the Appliances.
Please do not switch on the torch during charging of the first time and note that minimum charging time is 30 seconds.
Please do not put the torch under sun light for a long time and use the torch in places of high temperature or high humidity neither.
Colors available:
Transparent, transparent-blue, transparent-red, transparent-green, and etc.
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