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Product Description
Trust forged steel check valve are available in three bonnet designs. The first design is the Bolted Bonnet, with male-female joint, spiral wound gasket, made in F304/graphite. Ring joint gasket are also available on request. The second design is the welded bonnet with a threaded and seal welded joint. On request a full penetration strength welded joint is available. The third design is the pressure seal bonnet, with a threaded and pressure seal bonnet joint.

Check valve Design construction and Specification.
Trust globe valve conform to API602, BS5352 and ASME B16.34. Each are tested according to API598, and marking is per MSS SP-25.

Construction is as follows:
Full port or Conventional port
OS&Y, Outside screw and Yoke
Two piece self aligning packing gland
Bolted bonnet with spiral-wound gasket, threaded and seal welded bonnet or threaded and pressure seal bonnet.
Integral backseat
ASME B16.11 Socket weld ends to ASME B16.11
Screwed ends to ANSI/ASMEB 1.20.1
The disc can transfer valve to be throttle valve and needle valve. . .

We produce:
1) Piston check valve 3/8''-2'' with 800Lb, 900-1500Lb,
2) Swing globe valve 3/8''-2''with 800Lb 900-1500Lb and 1/2''-2'' with 900-2500Lb.
3) Pressure-seal piston check valve 1/2''-2'' with 900-2500Lb.
Terms of Payment
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