Sell Forging , Casting and heat treatment

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The forging workshops can produce the forged pieces of axles, flanges, coils special sections and all kinds of specializations of forged pieces with the material of carbon structural steel, tool steel, ball bearing steel, spring steel, alloy steel and so on. The main equipments are free forging pump press and fore hammers for various tons. The biggest weight is 20 ton and the biggest length is 22 meters. We have the precise method to testify the machinery property, high low organ, chemical compositions and ultrasonic discussion.
There are arc-furnaces of all sizes, refiner furnace for casting steel in the forging workshops, and there are blast cupola and main frequency furnace for casting iron and copper. The max casting steel furnace is 40 tons, casting iron pieces 20 tons and casting copper pieces 2 tons. We adopt the methods of silicon gel, water glass, disappearing models. In addition, we also can do heat hardening, anneal, temper and so on.
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