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Formalin Tablets / Paraformaldehyde Tablets

Brand Name: Akrolin

Mainly for use in formalin chambers.
For sterilization of S. S. Catheters, rubber/plastic/polymasks articles, syringes, needles, small scissors, knives, bronchoscopes, and systoscope & systoscopy instruments including uretic catheters. These can also be used to sterilize wooden tongue spatulas, reuban valves and all other small articles that cannot be autoclaved.
Akrolin Formalin Tablets / Paraformaldehyde Tablets are very effective against a wide spectrum of organisms. They may be recommended for targeted de germing measures in medical practice. Akrolin Formalin Tablets / Paraformaldehyde Tablets are well suited for the reduction of the bacterial population and the storage of non-wrapped sterilized instruments. For this purpose, 1 tablet/dm3 is needed. The exposure time required for bacterial count reduction is no less than 3 hours. Despite certain limitations, Akrolin Tablets may be used for disinfecting.

Instructions for use:
The tablets should be employed only in containers that are as tight fitting as possible (preferentially instrument cabinets, Heinemann cabinets, catheter boxes and plastic bags) . The minimum period of exposure is 5 hours, and 10 tablets / dm3 are necessary. Cold sterilization requires 10 tablets / dm3, too, but the exposure time ranges from 15 to 24 hours. This method (which must be considered an expedient) should be employed only if the respective device or instrument cannot be sterilized by other techniques. In any case, 80% relative air humidity is a must in the devices in which Akrolin Formalin Tablets / Paraformaldehyde Tablets are used. The objects to be disinfected should be neither too contaminated nor too soiled.

Available Composition:
 91% Paraformaldehyde
 96% Paraformaldehyde

Available Strength:
 1gm or 1000mg