Sell Formic Acid

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Molecular formula:HCOOH
Molecular weight:46.02
Properties:Formic Acid colorless fume, inflammable liquid with irritating odor and corrosive capacity
Quality standard:GB/T 2093-93
Formic Acid is one of basic chemical materials, widely used in pesticide, leather, dye, medicine and rubber, etc.
1, medicine industry
2, pesticide industry
3, chemical industry
4, tannage industry
5, printing & dyeing industry
6, rubber industry
7, steel industry
8, papermaking industry
9, food industry
10, animal husbandry

Formic Acid is inflammable liquid, it should be far away from heat, avoid insolation, rain; do not mix with amino acid and nitric acid. Kept in cool, dry and ventilating place.