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The application locale of four-effect Plate Evaporator installation.

A brief explanation of how the evaporator works is as follows: A product is concentrated in the evaporator by boiling out water, so that an end product may be recovered at a certain product quality. Evaporators are used extensively in processing foods, fruit juices, dairy products, malt and grain beverages, as well as for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper and pulp and both . There are many types of evaporators and evaporator processing techniques available to account for different product characteristics and operating parameters.
Evaporators may operate singly, or several evaporators may operate in series. Each one is referred to as an effect, and with four-effect evaporator systems, the product output from one effect in the evaporator is the feed for the next effect, and the high temperature vapor that is removed from one effect of the evaporator is used to heat the lower temperature product in the next evaporator effect. Considerable efficiency is gained by using four-effect evaporators.
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