Sell Four Point Welding Machine

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1) Used for automatically realizing the welding of frame;
2) Profile clamps with cutters, which adjust welding seam between 0.2mm-2mm, can respectively satisfy the processing demand for colored and common profile;
3) Adopt AC Servo Drive System, high reliability;
4) Adopt Ball Screw Shaft transmission to realize machine head horizontal moving, also wire core hold-in belt to realize machine head vertical moving, high precision;
5) The movement of head upper clamping location and feeding adapt slide guide kinematics pair, capacity credibility;
6) Parallel Welding Type: Special Know-how technique strengthens corner welding;
7) Change the welding paddle conveniently, high quality products;
8) Two pieces profiles welding (less than 65mm) at one time is available, high efficiency;
9) Adapt high quality pneumatic components, high technique in processing and assemble increased processing precision, machine reliability and stability;
10) To meet customers requirement, can add clamping preheating device;
11) This machine is a high-class four corner welding machine, especially used for making high-class PVC window and door;
1) Input Voltage: 3N∼50Hz 380V/220V
2) Input Power: 9(kw)
3) Operation Air Pressure:0.5∼0.8(MPa)
4) Air Consumption: 200(L/min)
5) Welding Height: 25∼160 25∼70 (mm)
6) Welding Width: 130 65 (mm)
7) Welding Range: 400W400∼1800W3000 (mm)
8) Overall Dimension: 5000W2000W2850mm
9) Machine Weight: 3000(kg)