Sell Four-bladed Vane Shear Testing Apparatus

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This apparatus is used to determine the natural shearing strength of the saturated soft clay. To the soft clay with higher sensitivity, this apparatus can obtain more actual strength
indication, because the perturbation of manufacturing the soil sample affects the extremely obvious intensity. This apparatus need to be used with the drilling equipment because it determines the strength in the drilling hole. It is generally suitable to do experiment for each depth within 30m.
Size of the four-bladed vane:75mmX150mm, 50mmX100 mm
Troquemoment of the steel ring: 80N. m
Precision of the torquemoment:0.55 N. m
Guide stem:30mmX1040mm
Size of the machine:430mmX910mmX220mm (LXWXH)
Weight of the machine:40kg