Sell Four-head Corner Combining Machine for Aluminum-door-window

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1. The machine is used for assembling the aluminum door and window, it can complete four corner punching connection at one time with high efficiency.
2. The compress device can move forward and backward automatically, and is operated easily.
3. Use the hydraulic device, which can makes the system maintained easily and good corner combining synchronism.
4. The corner combining devices can be moved left and right, foreword and backward conveniently, and be adjusted to all kinds of aluminum profiles.

Technical parameter
Electronic supply 380V 50HZ
Power 3.7KW
Working pressure 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
distance of the corner combining crock moving 0-50mm
Available profile width: 100mm
Nominal hydraulic press 15MPa
Thickness of cutters 3mm 5mm 8mm
dimension of the assembling frame Max: 1800mmW3000mm Min:450mmW450m
size 4700*2450*1180mm
weight 2200Kg