Sell Four-head Corner Connector Combining Machine CNC for ALU-door-window

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1. The machine is used for assembling the aluminum door and window, four corners connecting is available at one time, with high production efficiency.
2. Adopt the ball screw transmission mode; the moveable machine head introduces the linear bearing pair, the system controls the location of machine head exactly.
3. Adopt the imported digital-controlled system; the digital driving system introduces the AV servo motor and actuator
4. The clamping device can be moved foreword and backward, easily operating.
5. Adopt the hydraulic pressure system, which makes easy maintenance and good corner combining synchronism.
6. The corner combining devices can be moved left and right, foreword and backward conveniently, and be adjusted to all kinds of aluminum profiles.
Technical parameter
Electronic supply 380V 50HZ
Power 9.0KW
Rated oil pressure 15Mpa
Pressure working of air: 0.5-0.8Mpa
Nominal hydraulic press 15MPa
Gasoline tank volume 60L
Moving distance of the corner connector crock: 0-50mm
Size L*W*H 4700*1650*2700mm
weight 2200Kg