Sell Fox Fur Hunting & Skiing Jacket Fine Leather Detachable Sleeves

Fox Fur Hunting & Skiing Jacket Fine Leather Detachable Sleeves You May Also Be Interested In: fox hunting fur hunting hunting jacket leather sleeves skiing jacket
We designed and created this jacket for men and women who go to football games, winter walks, or ski, Something warm and casual to wear daily
Converts to a vest by removing sleeves

The leather is fine soft expertly tanned and the fox shown is Arctic White Fox. For men the color is Gray fox similar to coyote. These jackets can be manufacturered in other colors of fox, coyote, lynx, Beaver etc.

Samples of one jacket can be purchased.

Commercial shipments of 100-2000 jackets per month can be shipped within 30 days.

We are licnesed by United States Government Fish & Wildlife Service

References upon Request. Founded 1934. Listed by United States Financial Reporting and Credit Rating Service: Dun & Bradstreet and the Consumer Protection Service: Better Business Bureau.

Shipments world wide by Global Express 3-4 days shipping time.

Custom mmade to exact measurements when required. Or you can order by small, medium, large, xlarge size designations
Brand Name
Palms Polar Fur
Supply Capacity
presently 2000 per month
United States Government Wildlife Service
Available Colors
beige and white
Condition of Goods
to your measurements
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Patents or Trademarks
Palms Polar Fur
Terms of Payment
T/Tor credit card or check
Terms of Sale
c.i.f. wolrdwide
Warranty Coverage
United States Government Wildlife Service
3 pounds