Sell Frame, PaperBoard, Album Inner Pages, PP, CD Packages,

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Our company is major in the products as follows:
(1) Paperboard
Paperboard is our main products. Mat is a kind of artistic decorative album, which can be used as family decoration. Art frame can be used to deposit various pictures and different sizes of photos. Our company supplies various specifications of paperboard, which are in over 100 hundred colors for your preference. Our imported paperboard incision machine can accurately design, process and pack various specifications and models of paperboard
for you. Our paperboard is completely made of pure European wooden pulp. In a word, our paperboard is comfortable, never transfigured, bright-colored and durable and it is appropriate for decoration, paintings and arts.
Specification: 780*1080; other specifications can be ordered as your request.
Price: different qualities in different prices complying with your choice.
Quantity: we can supply large amounts of finished articles and semi finished articles.
Package Illustration: we can pack as your request.
(2) PP Products: Environment-protecting albums, album inner pages and CD packages
As a new kind of package materials, PP has a series of characteristics: excellent physical functions, stable chemical properties and it is a kind of light material. It can be easily processed to various models and the finished articles are in good clarity. Meanwhile, it has luster and can be recycled, so it is a new kind of material for protecting environment. And it has become to an ideal kind of material for USA and European customers.