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Technical Parameters:
Working platform length ---5500mm(18' / 216.54'')
Working platform width ------2000mm(6.6' / 78.74")
Working platform height ------430mm-1000mm (1.4' / 16.93"-3.2'/39.37")
Working platform thickness----140mm (0.5' / 5.51")
Hydraulic system max working pressure -----70MPa
Tower oil cylinder pulling capacity --10MT(9.8 KN)
Tower column pulling range ------------------3600
Drive air source pressure ----------------0.8MPa
Max lifting weight ------------3000KG(6613 Ibs)
Equipment gross weight ---------3450KG(7605 Ibs)

A- Lion 3000 enjoys the following Features:
1, The surface plate of platform is a single-piece plate of high quality manganese steel and whole plateform welded and assembled through the protection by carbon dioxide gas, has high overall strength, uneasy to distort , sturdy and durable to use;
2, The powerful hydraulic lift can raise and lower platform simultaneously
3, Featured powerful hydraulic lifting system with two parallel rams, you can easily hoist almost any vehicle.
4, Excellent movable ten-ton tower 360 pulling operation, freely and flexibly. The hydralic cylinder works vertically without any components force consumption, powerful and accurate tensile force.
5, Advanced universal clamping system is available for various vehicles, with these high-precision clamps, you can quickly anchor any vehicles rock-solid.
6, Hydralic system imported from ENERPAC USA, powerful and reliable. With high-strength clamp chains and entire series of pulling accessories, you can almost recover any car distortion with ease.
7, High-precision aluminuim alloy 3D measuring system.
8, Provide all series of auto database from Milehell USA and some other auto company, which can update free of charge.
9, Many humanity engineering design for user to operate easily and comfortably.
10, Elegant technique is incomparable.
Supply Capacity
15 units per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit