Sell Framed Bulrush drawn sailboat

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The reed draw artworks is made of 100% natural bulrush straw, then being digged, cauterized, knitted, carved ect. Procesures with natural colors, no additive painted, and because of the no distortion, no fade feature, closed to nature, they are very popular in the houses, business buildings, workshops, hotels and restaurants etc. they are so inimitable and unique that are very fit for the persons who are looking for something special.

We have many different designs and specifications for your choice.

LastinAppeal is located in Beijing, the capital of China . As a leading company, we are professional in bulrush and egg curving handicrafts procession and distribution for several years , which are the key feature of Chinese traditional folk-custom handcrafts, and thus make us to win a good reputation in the same industry . we have a good team consisted of a great many skilled folk-custom artists to create these so exquisite artworks for the world people . Our main products are all made of 100% natural and genuine well-refined material, Like our reed straw and egg curving handcrafts are just made of natural bulrush refined from the orgin of bulrushBaiyan Lake. We also could create many other designs as per customers requirements.
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