Sell Free Semi Ball Float Type Steam Trap

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Structure characteristics:
When the drain valve does not start, free semi ball float settles over the transmitting tube. When the drain valve is in drainage state, the steam will enter into the valve body through filter screen and transmitting tube. when the steam volume increases to certain degree, the semi ball float will float under the action of float force and seal the drain valve nozzle under the action of steam pressure and keep from overflow of steam. When a large amount of condensate water enters into the valve body, the steam volume in semi ball float will reduce and the semi ball float will fall under the action of gravity. The semi ball float will be separated from the nozzle and then a work cycle is completed. The unit operates in cycles and reaches the purpose of automatically drainage and air-water block.
Main application:
Free ball float type steam drain valve can be used in the steam heating supply equipment and steam pipeline to automatically remove the condensate water, prevent from leakage of steam, and exhaust the air. The products can be widely used in the industrial and mining establishments of chemical industry, refinery, electric power, light textile, paper-making, etc. especially applicable for steam equipment with high requirement to low pressure, large displacement, and thermal stability, no condensate water detention.