Sell Free Trade Zone Logistics Service in China

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Bonded Logistic Service
With the character of Governed Free Trading Zone in China mainland, Bonded Zone has the function of bonded-processing, warehousing, and being as a port, with the advantage of free tax for oversea goods in & out of boned, as well as the tax-rebating. Yourkey fully combine the bonded recourses providing to customers with comprehensive bonded-zone service, we strongly believe that the excellent government strategy and functions of bonded zone will have a great potential for trading. So far, Yourkey could satisfy you with the comprehensive and the over-zone logistic service.

 Governed-goods transferring in China mainland
 Bonded warehousing and delivering
 LCL (less than a container) container-devanning importing
 Simple processing , delectating and repairing
 Exportation tax-rebate
 Bonded transportation-flow (HK-Southern China-Eastern China)