Sell Free standing Public P. O. U. Water Dispenser, Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser, Water Cooler

Free standing Public P. O. U. Water Dispenser, Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser, Water Cooler You May Also Be Interested In: bottled water dispensers compressor cooling water water compressor water cooler
Hot and cold water from one machine
Delivers an instant and constant supply of high quality hot and cold drinking water and hot water without the problems of storing, lifting, purchasing and degradation of heavy water bottles.

UV Technology
Featuring ergonomic design and advanced filtration using ultraviolet technology to guarantee water of real purity free from harmful bacteria, you can enjoy cost savings in terms of supplies and precious time over bottled water dispensers.

* Patent product, paten No. 03245827.4
* Sleek stylish look, Simple and graceful in style.
* Preventing from over-heating.
* Thick and solid plate to ensure the fine quality.
* Disposable filter core appears to be quicker in renewal.
* Ultra-large capacity satisfies the drinking of multiple people.
* Protection from leak.
* With compressor cooling system.
* Purification processes including in-tank Ultra Violet technology (guarantees water within EU guidelines)
* With three outlets for cold, warm & hot water respectively.
* Applied to various places such as families, offices, institutions and so on.

1. Rated voltage 220V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)
2. Rated power 1005W
3. Quantity of Water supply 10L/Min
4. Out water temperature 30~90(0) 13(0)
5. Pressure of inlet water 0.2~0.4MPa
6. Water source Municipal tap water
7. Protection type Type I
8. Temperature range 2~38(0)
9. Ambient humidity <=90%
10. Net dimension 415x450x1300(mm)
11. Packing dimension 440x480x1330(mm)
12. N. W/G. W. 41kg/44Kg
13. Quantity(20/40/40H) 60/120/240
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