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Red Delicious Apples

The principal Argentine production area is the Rio Negro Valley, at about 600 miles southwest of Buenos Aires between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.
This is the most popular apple variety in the world.
There are a large variety of Red Delicious Apples but for a real quality difference the Southern Argentine Red Delicious is becoming so popular.
This fruit distinguishes because of the Thin bright red skin with a mildly flavored fine-grained white flesh. Sweet and perfumated is a gift of Nature
This Special Apple has a greater wallop of disease-fighting antioxidants than other apples.
These polyphenols, epicatechin and procyanidin B2, were the greatest contributors to total antioxidant activity of the apples. Procyanidins accounted for about 60 percent of the antioxidant activity in the peel and 56 percent in the flesh.

Red Delicious Argentine Apples. Juicy, Crunchy, Perfect, Sweet, Perfumated, Bright Red Color, and
Really a Delicious Gift from Nature, for your enjoyment, by Pampas Pride.
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