Sell Frequency conversion air-conditioner controller

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1. Power voltage range:AC160V-254V
2. Temperature control precision:0.5
3. Clock precision:0.5 second/hour
4. AC&DC compressor drive control
5. Compressor frequency PIDcontrol
6. Electrical expansion valve overheating control
7. Serial asynchronous communications
8. Outdoor DC wind turbine control
9. Automatic, cool, heat, dehumidification, wind function
10. LCD or LED display
11. Emergency switch
12. Remote control
13. Fun blade control
14. timer
15. Power failure auto resume
16. Sleeping mode
17. Indoor PG motor, lap motor control
18. Efficient operation
19. Protective function of frost cool-wind/blow balance-heat
20. Energy saving operation mode

Protective function
1. Protective function of over load, high & low voltage
2. Power module cverheating, over-load, short cicuit, low drive voltage protection
3. Communication abnormal protection
4. Heat exchanger overheating protection
5. Indoor heat exchanger anti-freeze protection
6. Compressor 3 minutes delay protection
7. Exhaust temperature protection