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Onion is a kind of herbaceous plant that needs two years to be mature. It has two varieties: yellow onion and red onion. Onion has a long history with 5000 years. In 20th century, onion was introduced to China. Though the history in China is not that long, onion is very widely found now. By far, China is one of the four biggest original countries which are America, Japan, India and China. In China, onion is widely planted in Shandong Province, Gansu Province, and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Especially in Shandong Province which has the very condition for onion with suitable amount of precipitation and illumination, onion grows here not only numerous but also with high quality and nutritive value. Both yellow onion and red onion of Shandong Province are always exported to foreign countries and won a reputation.
Both yellow onion and red onion are vegetables with high Medical value, normal people can eat as food. Especially for sick person who is suffering from high blood pressure, hyperlipoidemia will reap the benefits of onion. Onion can give relief to the patient. Moreover, onion is also main vegetables in some place. People use onion to make soup or cold dish. And onion can be used as a king of flavoring.
Qingdao Yushengyuan Import & Export Co. , Ltd is specializing in the export of yellow onion and red onion. We offer one package service to onion business including field, purchase, sale, store, manufacturing and so on. To honor the contract and keep promise is the principle of our company. As a garlic supplier, our company is very strict in the quality of garlic. We believe that good quality is the most important survival rule in doing foreign trade. In Chinese proverbs, we call that: use good quality to find life and use good reputation to make development.
The details of our onion are as follows:
Color: yellow
Size: 4-6cm, 5-7cm, 7-9cm, 9cm up.
Packing: 10kg mesh bag, 20kg mesh bag.
Supply period: from May to next February.
Minimum order: 26-28MT /40'RH
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