Sell Frige Air Purifier

Frige Air Purifier
Working Voltage: DC3.6V
Input Power: 0.15W
Negative Ion Concentration: 1-3 million/cm3
Ozone Concentration: <0.05ppm
Working Temperature: -20~60 Centigrade
Working Humidity: RH20~80%RH
Product Size: 75*45*22mm
Weight: 49g

When it is used in the fridge, it has the following functions
1. High effectively remove odors and peculiar smell in refrigerator
2. Efficiently kill bacteria. Prevent mildew
3. Release high density negative ions and less ozone; keep food, fruit and vegetable fresh.
When it is used as portable ozone unit, it has the following functions
1. Release high density negative ion, keep energetic; prevent giddy. Ease tiredness, increase work efficiency,
2. Kill bacteria efficiently, prevent bacteria from spreading; Eliminate odor, smell and sweat of body.
3. Eliminate static, prevent the skin problems caused by static
4. Eliminate and decompose the volatile of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene.

1. Exclusive piezoelectric technology, compact size;
2. Interval work for longer use
3. Low power consumption, only 0.15w per hour;
4. No filters, zero maintenance costs;
5. ABS fireproofing plastic.
6. Power supply by rechargeable Li battery