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The optimal combination of power and drive system: Yuchai YC6108G (Deutz TD226B) +Lingong 50 Transmission+LG strengthened drive axle.
The loader takes large displacement pump, it will only take 9.2 seconds for the bucket to lift, discharge and descend.
The lifting force of the boom can get up to 7 ton.

The joints like pins all adopts dust prevention design, and this extends the service life of pins and bushings.
The wires and jackets all adopt flame retardant materials, which prevent fire when there is a short circuit.
The loader takes full closed cooling system, which can better reduce the water temperature in engine system and oil temperature in torque converter system, and improve the service life of the whole machine.
The load sensing full hydraulic steering system is very flexible, stable and reliable.
Middle articulation, 380steering angle, small turning radius, more suitable to be applied in narrow work sites.
Big bucket withdrawal angle and high full-load coefficient, which can save time by 20% compared with loaders of the same operating weight.
The Lingong standard dual seal coupling for hydraulic pipeline thoroughly avoids leakage.
In terms of overall length, the machine is 200mm longer than common 30 products, and it is more reliable during operation.