Sell Frost-Proof Yard Hydrants

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YH-1 1 ft. 45 in.
YH-2 2 ft. 57 in.
YH-3 3 ft. 69 in.
YH-4 4 ft. 81 in.
YH-5 5 ft. 93 in.
YH-6 6 ft. 105 in.
YH-7 7 ft. 117 in.
YH-8 8 ft. 129 in.

Ruggedly-designed to supply year-round running water for heavy-duty agricultural, stock watering, fire protection, and domestic applications even in sub-zero weather.
rugged cast iron head & handle
below-frostline shut-off valve allows free flow of water at sub-freezing temperatures.
self-draining bleeder valve with 3/4" inlet prevents riser pipe and hydrant head freezeup
precision machining & assembly
solid brass extension rod through packing nut
hot-rolled 1040 steel link straps with Kevlar packing
one-piece molded BUNA-N plunger.
oversize snap-lock handle for a comfortable grip
flow-lock thumb bolt for desired water flow
3/4" brass hose connection/spout
solid bucket hook for no-hands fillup
handle-to-head padlock locators
easy-access, above-ground maintenance