Sell Frothing machine of polyurethane and latex

Frothing machine of polyurethane and latex
1. Dimension: L31000 x W4110 x H3700mm
2. Foam width: 1.5-2.3 adjustable.
3. Foam speed: 3-6m/min adjustable according to formulas.
4. Mini. Cutting length: 1.5m
5. Total power: 80kw
6. Conveyor length: 2.4m
7. Chemical output: 270kg
8. automatic formulas change
9. It is capable for the densities from 8/10 to 48/50.
Some main features:
1. Temperature control( double layers of the tank of PPG/TDI, automatically heating and cooling) so that you can save refrigerator, which will cost you lot.
2. Extra talcum power tank for you to make foam harder.
3. Most of our material tanks are bigger than others.
4. Fall plates are automatically operated up and down instead of by manual work and it is from 4pcs to 5pcs.
5. The width of foam is adjustable from 1.3-2.1m to 1.5-2.3m.
6. Equipped with high precision inverters, contactors imported form Fuji, Japan, gear pump and air automatically valve instead of local electromagnetism control parts so that it can well match the formulas, save materials and make high quality foam.
7. Automatically change the formulas instead of continual stop and then start in running so that it can reduce the front and end parts, saving a lot.
8. Increase one air flow so that it can well control the small spiracle in foam. That means the spiracle can be controlled smaller or bigger as you wishes.
9. Energy saving roasting lamps.
10. This type is more automatically than before so it can save at least 6 workers and reduce much more failure.