Sell Frozen Chicken, Bovine Beef, Pork Meat

Frozen Chicken, Bovine Beef, Pork Meat You May Also Be Interested In: beef meat bovine chicken beef frozen chicken pork meat
If you may have interest to import Pork, Frozen Beef Bovine or Frozen Chicken directly from Brazilian producers [ Normal and Halal Slaughtering ]. , please contact us with full details as well specifications quantities and etc. Please only serius buyers will be replyed.

Following the products which we can offer and supply:
Frozen Bovine Beef, Frozen Chicken, Pork meat.

1) Whole chicken griller and broiler.
2) Boneless skinless chicken breast, fillet.
3) Chicken leg quarter, Chicken Paw.
4) Chicken leg
5) Chicken wings
6) Chicken Thighs
7) Chicken drumstick
8) Chicken MDM
9) Chicken giblets [ Liver and Heart, Carcasses, neck with skin ]Your detailed enquiry will be highly appreciated.

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