Sell Frozen Dried Turtle Egg Powders

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1) The product material is made from eggs of "Tianhaiyuan" brand Chinese soft-
shelled turtle of organic
2) Through biology of high technology, it is frozen dried with low temperature
3) The product has no any accession of antiseptic and antimicrobial
4) Purity is 100%
5) The fine degree is about 80 - 130 mesh
6) Turtle eggs have abundant nutriments, including 18 kinds of amino acids, 7 kinds of
minerals and many sorts of Vitamin
7) Very easy to be absorbed by human body, especially suitable for middle-old people
with infirmness digest and infirmness person after illness
8) Material for producing health foods
9) Very good quality
10) Mainly exported to Japan and Korea

Inner packing:
1kg/aluminum bag