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1) The product material is made from "Tianhaiyuan" brand Chinese soft-shelled turtles
of organic. It is frozen, dried with low temperature. The product has no any
accession of antiseptic and antimicrobial. The purity is 100%
2) The fine degree is about 80 - 130 mesh, and hydroxyproline can achieve 3.71%
(hydroxyproline is main component of collagen protein of soft-shelled turtle, which
can be directly absorbed by human body. Other turtles have only 1.12%
3) Very easy to be absorbed by human body, especially, it is suitable for middle-old
people with infirmness diget and infirmness person after illness. Can also be used
to produce health foods
4) Good quality, mainly exported to Japan and Korea
5) Chinese soft-shelled turtles are both restorative food and rare medicinal materials,
the components include animal glue, keratin, Vitamin D and iodin
6) Functions: moisten feminie, prevent people from being angry, restorative liver and
nephridium, detumescent
7) Herbal detailed outline record: turtle meat can cure dysentery, shaky body,
and beriberi
8) Turtle carapace can cure the lack of bone calcium, hepatomegaly and
9) Turtle blood can cure stolid face with external use, it also can cure women's blood
phtisis with added wine; while turtle egg can cure for a long time lax and diarrhea;
turtle bile can cure hemorrhoids

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