Sell Frozen Seafood Fillets

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We can offer items as follows:
1. Tilapia Fillets
A: normal skinned and boneless, CO treatment IQF/IVP, size 2-3oz,3-5oz,5-7oz,7-9oz,9oz up.
B: deep skinned and boneless , IQF/IWP, size 2-4oz,3-5oz.
2. Red Rum Fillets
A: skinned and boneless, CO treatment, IQF/IVP, or bulk pack, size 4-6oz,6-8oz,8-10oz,10-12oz,12oz up.
B: boneless only, IQF/IVP, size 3-5oz, 5-7oz,7-9oz,9-11oz,11oz up.
3. Catfish Fillets
A: skinned and boneless, IQF/IVP, size 2-3oz,3-5oz,5-7oz,7-9oz,9-11oz,11oz up
B: nuggets

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