Sell Frozen and Chilled Beef

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We offer a great variety of beef cuts which come from grass fed cattle. These cuts are vacuum packed (fresh cuts) or frozen.

We sell our beef in boxes that range from 45 to 60 pounds. Each box contains several pieces individually vacuum packed in a special cryovac bag.

Nicaragua is a country with a very long tradition in free-range cattle raising that dates from the early 1500's when the Spaniards brought the first heard of European cattle into the country. By the year 1600, cattle raising was well established and it had become a major component of the region's economy, "in fact, Nicaragua was one of the first regions in the Western Hemisphere where cattle raising became a full fledged industry for Nicaragua's soils are constantly and naturally being re-fertilized by volcanic ashes and lava flows, something unique to the region and first noticed by colonists. " (Restaurant review by Auzis) .

Nicaragua has over 3 million head of cattle, with the predominant breeds being improved zebu strains, but smaller herds of dairy cattle such as Jersey, Guernsey, or Holstein can also be found. Cattle ranchers in Nicaragua have introduced other breeds to improve the cattle stock. In many ranches, breeds such as Angus, Limousine, Simmental and Charolais are raised. These breeds are considered gourmet for their renowned quality and tenderness. Currently Nicaragua produces well over fifty thousand tons of beef each year.

Nuevo Carnic is comprised of sixth generation cattle producers from Nicaragua. We specialize in cattle born, raised and finished on open grass pastures in small and medium farms. We practice a holistic approach to farm management, which sustains and nourishes the environment through restoration and soil improvement techniques.

In the farms, cattle are bred for the quality of their beef. It roams free and is rotated to fresh new pastures constantly. Our cattle are never held in confinement and the humane treatment of animals, from birth to processing, is of major importance to us. We are certain that animals raised in a stress free environment provide the best quality beef.

The Nuevo Carnic, S. A. plant can now bring you beef of superior quality backed by over 500 years of tradition and dedication to excellence.
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Nuevo Carnic