Sell Frozen roasted eel (unagi kabayaki)

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Frozen roasted eel (unagi kabayaki) ,2P-7P(5oz-18oz) , Origin: Changle, Fujian, China

Located in eel farming center Changle County, which produces best and cleanest farmed eel(anguilla

anguilla, anguilla japonica) in the world, we specialize in eel products(especially roasted eel)

and other sushi products for export to USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Europe.

We are one of two big companies in Changle County who are allowed to export eel due to our

influence in eel farms, good facility, stringent sanitation and honest personality;

We are pround to say, our eel is the best in the world, our eel farming style is green house cement

pond concentrated cultivation with groundwater extrated from seaside beaches and forests.
Changle eel is Japanese buyers' first choice.
Supply Capacity
5000mts yearly