Sell Frozen seaweed salad

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My company produces frozen seaweed salad, Raw material use non-polluting waters of Shandong Peninsula . Select the middle part of the stalk of Qingdao local seaweed, After drawn wire, selection, washing then add seasonings:Lemon yellow, bright blue, sugar, salt, malic acid, sodium glutamate, spices, sorbitol, vinegar, pepper, sesame seedsand so on. Cold formed, its unique taste, deeply welcomed by domestic and foreign persons.
1, edible method: open bag instant or with other vegetables catering consumption, eating 1-2 hours before the need to advance from the frozen state to divert the natural thaw, avoid: do not use heat blisters open, so as not to affect the taste.
2, preservation methods: frozen -18 degrees .
3, shelf-life period: -18 degrees to save 18 months.
4, Packaging information:
1) 100g * 24 / small white box into a 3 small white box outer carton .
2) 1kgX2 bags into a small carton box 4 small boxes into a outer carton. 3) 2kg / plastic glue 4 glue into a plastic outer carton .
4) 3kg / plastic glue 4 glue into a plastic outer carton.