Sell Fucoidan

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Experimental results of many researchers demonstrated that crude fucoidan and purified fucoidan from Laminaria japonica both had many physiological functions:Lowers blood sugar, antitumor, antivirus, antioxidation, antimutation, Protect Liver. Fucoidan from Laminaria japonica is combo of Fucose and Natural sulphate.

The difference between Cactus Botanics' Fucoidan and others-
1) For Cosmetical Grade Brown Seaweed Extract: As it contains 50% min Alginates, it can generate effective safeguard at appearance of skin, lockup the water and prevent it from losing and then keep moisture. Also it can boost the metabolism of organization under skin and then keep skin white and tender.
2) For Pharmaceutical&Food Grade Fucoidan: The Fucoidan content can reach 85% and It is widely used in the fields as pharmacy, health medicine and food and beverage product, etc.
3) We also offer Fucoidan 20%,35% for different level customers.