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The theory of our products: It is very well known that water can electrolyze to hydrogen and oxygen. In ordinary situation, there are lots of extra electricity in the dynamotor and storage battery of vehicles and vessels. Our products just make the extra electricity used fully, electrolyze water to hydrogen and oxygen, and send the gases in to engine, hydrogen burns and oxygen helps it to burn, and then gasoline, diesel oil and natural gas can burn adequately, so we can reduce the consumption of gasoline, diesel oil and natural gas, and keep the output of the engine, and get the result of energy saving.
Contributions to protect environment: Hydrogen is clean energy, researched and explored fully by many countries, hydrogen burns in the engine, and oxygen helps it to burn, the exhaust emission of vehicles and vessels reduce sharply, and it does great contributions to protect environment.
Using it for long term can reduce the charcoal in spark plug and Cylinder, and then can protect the engine.
Patent: The design principle of this product is around energy saving and environmental and to replace and save energy, it is the imminence requirement of continuable development, and reducing exhaust emission and improving the quality of atmosphere, are the same aim of people all over the world. For the above aims, we invent this product, and the patent pre register No. is 200620011333.5.
Applied scope: all the fuel and gas engines with dynamotors and storage batteries.
Installation: Don`t need to change the structure of the vehicles, and easy to install.
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Patent #200620011333.5