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DB2000 Series Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
Features of the test bench
DB2000 series fuel injection pump test stands, patented products created by Tsinghua University and our factory, are equipped with various kinds of sensors such as magnetic, hall effect, pressure, temperature, and use high-quality industrial computer, advanced inverter, color CRT as its parts. The test stand can be easily operated through the control panel. It is advanced in now world and its features appear clearly as followed.
1. Preset speed and measure times without error freely.
2. Auto-measure advanced angle of advanced device at any speed.
3. Auto-measure VE-pump oil-returning quantity and temperature.
4. High precision 0~0.5MPa & 0~-30KPa adjustable positive & negative air source.
5. Directive current supply 12V, 24V, 2A.
6. Reference for various pump tested.
7. Alarming for filter blocked and heating error.
8. Printer and internet web can be connected with the test stand (Please book it before produced)
Usages of the test bench
Main items tested:
1. Test oil-supplying quality and uniformity of injection pump in any speed.
2. Static testing oil-supply initial point and interval angle of each cylinder of injection pump.
3. Adjusting and testing of machinery speed regulator.
4. Adjusting and testing of pneumatic speed regulator.
5. Testing oil-returning quantity of distributor pump at any speed.
6. Testing oil-returning temperature of distributor pump.
7. Testing meganetive valve of distributor pump.
8. Examination of pressure compensator.
9. Test the sealing of injection pump.
10. Test inner pressure of distributor pump.
11. Test the advanced angle of advanced device at any speed.

12PSDB Series Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
Features of the test bench
The 12PSDB type injection pump is the second generation frequency conversion and speed change injection pump which is designed after several major improvements of the first generation product to meet the customers!/ needs. This injection pump adopted the advanced international technology of frequency conversion and speed change, it has the wide range speed and excellent properties. This technology has following functions: the preset of rotational speed, acoustooptic alarm of the oil return time, rotational speed, counting, the show of the tempreture . This test stand has the latestly new structure, proper location, beautiful outlook and convenient installment, operation and preparation. This test stand applies to many adjustment of the various international and national cylinder pump and dispensing pump.
Usages of the test bench
Main Adjusting Iterms1. Oil-supply volume and uniformity of all cylinders of injection pump.
2. Oil supply initial point and interval angle of injection pump.
3. Adjusting and testing of the speeder!/s properties.
4. Testing of sealing properties of injection pump.
5. Testing of oil scavenger volume during various speeds of the distribution pump.
6. Testing of the pressure equalizer of the distribution pump.
7. Advance device can be measure if the attachment is added.
8. Debugging the functional proof of the vacuum governor.

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