Sell Fuel Oil CST 180

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We have available Fuel Oil CST 180 in unlimited quanities.

Fuel OIL CST !80
The business proposal for importing Fuel Oil from Iraq is explained in brief :
In order to engage Importing from Iraq, the company should have the following documents in order:
1. How to register the firm who will buy from Iraq ?
The company should provide the following documents:
 Certified papers of company's registration papers from its country's commercial chamber of comers.
 Introduction letter and the profile papers of the company. Also expressing the point of interest in dealing with SOMO(The Iraqi Govt. Agency dealing with this) , as to purchase min 30, 000 tons of fuel oil.
 Back up Bank letter stating that the company can cover the purchase value of 30, 000 tons.
 A letter addressed to SOMO appointing one Iraqi Citizen (Who will be nominated by me in due course of time) as representative on behalf of the buying company, as to carry on negotiations with SOMO on the contract.

2. Minimum Order Quantity ( In Tonnes of Fuel Oil) - 10,000 Tonnes
3. Who will ship the product and who will co-ordinate shipping ?
The purchasing company will nominate a vessel for loading, there are shipping agents in Basrah normally they charge around US$2, 000 per vessel.
5. Other Details : - There is a performance bond of US$2.0 per ton per each cargo to be deposited in SOMO's account in Amman, Jordan. Payment in cash prior to loading at SOMO's account in Amman, Jordan.
The Chemical Specification of the Fuel Oil is attached:
The Rate is USD 185 Per Tonne, FOB Basra/Iraq Port,
Handling Charges is about USD 4000 per vessel,
Other Charges 25 cents per Tonne