Sell Fuel and Lpg dispensers/pumps

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We can offer you several types of fuel and Lpg dispensers. Details fuel dispensers,
Technical Specifications
Motor : 0.5 hp single or three phase
Pumping unit: max 70 ltr/min star pump or submergible pump
Volumeter: 0.5 ltr/rev, positive displacement type
Accuracy: +/- % 0.25
Electric valve: 24 V DC , 2 speed
Fast flow rate: 45 ltr/min (single nozzle)
Slow flow rate: 4 ltr/min
Pulser: 2x50 pulse/rev, optical reading
Nozzel: Automatic thin or thick types
Other: two displays at two sides
Single product. Service to two vehicles from both sides, one at the time.

Electronic counter thechnical specification:
Operation voltage range: 175 . . . 250 V AC
Power consumtion : 20 W
Electric valve output: 18 - 26 V DC, 450 mA
Motor output : 220 V AC 6A / 380 V AC 3x3 A
Display: 25 mm. LCD display 6 digits money, 6 digits liter, 4 digits unit price
Adjustments: with buttons password enabled
Presetting: with 4 buttons in liter or money
counting rate: 0 . . . 100 ltr/min
Totalizor : min 6 digits in liters
Operating temperature: -40 . . . +60 deg. C
Operating humidity 0 . . . % 95
Electric connections : with appropriate sockets

Various functions:
Total liter and money can be observed electronically
previous sales can be observed
Flow rate can be observed
Connectable to central control computer, otomation and accounting with
smartcard of ibutton
Able to continue delivery after powerdown.
Displays the error in the system and stops operation in case of error
Stops operation when no flow is detected for a certain period.
Adjustable slow flow value and other parameters.
Simple connection with 3 sockets.
PLease contact us for more details and pictures.
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Victory single