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Magic Fuel Booster is a unique fuel saving product for every kind of fuel: diesel, gasoline/petrol, and all bio-diesels. Developed in United Technology Laboratory, Germany this powerful product comes with the precision and quality for which German technology is well known, and is produced in Malaysia and Japan by STORMs RESEARCH LABS.

The properties of the FUEL BOOSTER

5 ml of highly ionized fuel works as an initiator of the fuels converting reaction that in a few hours completely ionizes the fuel content within the vehicle� s fuel tank, converting conventional fuel of EVERY TYPE into an excellent quality fuel that burns cleanly, releases energy to its fullest potential and produces minimal exhaust gases with less CO and unburned carbons contents. This makes your engine stay cleaner and produces energy in the same quantity as the fuel itself, saving up to 30% of the fuels consumption while driving. FUEL BOOSTER hyperionized fuel has yet another unique property  it cleans the entire engine from inside; starting with spark plugs to the exhaust gas catalyst, lengthening its life spans. Even a nearly "dead" catalyst is renewed, beginning a +second life; and becoming more active in cleaning unburned exhaust gases, resulting in an absolutely clean state! READ MORE ABOUT OUR FUEL SAVING CONCEPT at OUR WEBSITE, -
We offer the technology to transfer, as well the fuel saving products.
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P o w e r C o d e
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100,000 Units per Month
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175 x 32 mm
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7 days
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100 units
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maretials 30 days
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