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Apple is a kind of fruit which is native to Europe and western Asia. Apple is very popular for its Sweet and sour taste and many people love it including olds and yongs. There is also nutrient value and medical value in apples. In English, there is a proverb called: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. On the face of it, we can know that apple is very healthful to human beings. People who crazy about losing weight may be aware that apple is one of the best effective Slimming Methods. It is because of apple contains little fat and sugar, and it can help people to replenish water and nutrition. In one word, apple is a healthful fruit, and I think this is the very question that people love it very much.
We have many kinds of apples on the earth such as Fuji apple, white winter pearmain and
So on. In China, we plant Fuji apple trees in many places. Especially in Shandong province which has the most suitable climate for apple. Fuji apples produced here is bigger and tastes more delicious than that produced any other place. Apples in Shandong province are always exported to all over the word and won a good reputation.
The details of our apples are as follows:
Packing: 24/28/32/36/40/44 pcs per 10kg carton(2 layers)
72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150 pcs per 18kg carton(4 or 5 layers)
72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198 pcs per 20kg carton(4 or 5 layers)
Inner packing: each apple is wrapped individually by foam net(pink or white) , tray.
Customized packing is also available
Color type: blush color and strip color ,80% up.
Taste: juicy, crisp and sweet.
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