Sell Full-Automatic-Case-Packer-ZX-120-

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This production line is designed for the automatic case-packing of the baggy products. It can be widely used for the solid beverages such as baggy milk powder, baggy malted milk, juice powder, coffee, soy milk powder, milky pellet, etc; The liquid beverages such as baggy milk, lactic acid drink, syrup, etc; The liquid saucer like soy, vinegar, etc; The seasoning like monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, chook powder, etc; And other products which are packed with plastic bags.

(1) High case-packing speed. >=120 bags/min
(2) High precision. Guarantee the exact position of every bags. The orderliness effect of the bags is over the manual work.
(3) Full automatic operation and servo-motor driving and controlling.
(4) Best quality, go with the competitive price. The price is much lower than the abroad machine, just 1/3 of the overseas price.
(5) Easy to operation, it can operate automatically when put into the parameters in the touch screen.
(6) It can connect the front production line closely.
(7) Widely applicable scope. It suits the automatic