Sell Full Automatic Vacuum Sintering Machine

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TLZK2001S-100.120.140 Full Automatic Vacuum Sintering Machine of 3phases

Main Features:

1. Mainly used for sintering diamond segment or relative diamond tools of metal cement in vacuo.

2. Reduce oxidation of the products, improve and stable the quality and prolong the working life of graphite mould.

3. With the power supply of three phases, the electricity grid is balanceable and the heating power is high, which makes it possible to sinter the diamond tools of big size.

4. The operating system has two sets of high intellectualized auto hierarchy of control, which highly enhance the limit and convenience for the use.

5. The vacuum box frame makes it easy and reliable to operate; thus prolong the life of vacuum system.

6. The technological process can be thumbed through with the latest autostored 512 real time screens of working curve and parameter.

7. Relative bottoms on the screen make it easy to work out the techinics or operate the machine .

8. The electricity system is designed according to the national standard, which largely enhance the reliability.

9. With the function of reliable overflow protection and the structure of auto smoke evacuation.

10. The process of 99 groups with 18steps each can be stored.