Sell Full Bright Copper-Tin Alloy Electroplating Brightener

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Full Bright Copper-Tin Alloy Electroplating Brightener
Low Tin bronze electroplating use as superior Nickel-replacing plating has been studied in depth and long term and has been widespread applications in home, but. The plating require mechanical polishing, thus, it has been replaced by Nickel bright plating. The Copper-Tin-91 brightener has been studied by our company may deposit fine bright plating from the copper-tin alloy cyanide bath, and have characteristics is as following:
1. Fine, uniform and mirror bright plating may be direct plate chromium or gun color, sand Nickel, chromium replacing plating, without polishing thus reduced energy time, labor and production cost.
2. Additive have mist-inhibition, can prevent out ward run off of very toxic gas mist during the electroplating, thus reduce loss of bath and pollute to environments.
3. Special suitable to processing small parts and circle parts.

The formulations and operation conditions:
Compositions Range
Cuprous cyanide (CuCN) 20 ~ 25 g/L Dk 0.6 ~ 1.2 A/dm2
Natrium stannate (Na2SnO3) 18 ~ 20 g/L Sk : Sa 1 : 2
Natrium cyanide (total) (NaCN) 40 ~ 46 g/L Anode materials Sn8 ~ 12% containing copper tin alloy plate or electrolytic copper plate
Natrium hydroxide (NaOH) 8 ~ 12 g/L Auxiliary anode materials Ferric plate
Copper-tin-91 4 ~ 6 ml/L Materials of plating bath Steel plate, plastic ceramic etc.
Temperature 52 ~ 560 Cathode movement 10 ~ 12 each time/min
Preparation of the bath:
Dissolve measured natrium cyanide into hot water of ten times weigh of the natrium cyanide, under continually agitation slowly put into cuprous cyanide to dissolved completely. Dissolve natrium hydroxide into water of the times weigh of natrium hydroxide in the vessel, head to 1000 while it is hot under continually agitation, slowly put into natrium stannate to dissolved completely, then mix this two parts, add water to scale-mark agitate to uniform, applied Dk 0.5 A/dm2 electrolytic treatment for 0.5 n add copper-tin-91 brightener, ready to trial plating.
Note items:
1. Should periodic analysis and adjust the bath, strict execute technology specifications, not permit randomly add other brightener mist-inhibitor and auxiliary complex agent into the bath to avoid deteriorate of the bath.
2. Consumable amount of copper-tin-91 is 200 ~ 300 ml/KAH. The brightener should be add in small and frequent after dilute again add into. Its results is better, if adding amount of the brightener has achieved 6 ml/L still not obtained full bright plating. This purely is matchless of the compositions of the formulations, should be chemical analysis and adjust and should not again add the brightener.
3. When use H2O2 to oxidation Sn2+ dilute H2O2 to five ten times is necessary.
4. The grinding parts should be fine and should enhance pretreatment, if the brightness of big flat plate part is not uniform may additionally mechanical polishing.
5. The value of analytical control:
Cu 14 ~ 16 g/L NaCN (free) 18 ~ 20 g/L
Sn 6 ~ 8 g/L NaOH 8 ~ 10 g/L
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only
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