Sell Full Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner RSD-RP6A Plus (HUMAN)

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1. The laptop ultrasound system is ideal for mixed practice, both for bedside use and emergency diagnosis on the spot or under rescue conditions. It is distinguishable by its sharp image quality and a cost-effective solution for home doctor, clinics and hospitals;
2. Advanced new technology applied in this unit to obtain a higher-resolution image including dynamic focusing, dynamic logarithm compress, interpolation, Digital Scanning Converter (DSC) , Gamma Correction curves, preprocessing and post-processing, etc;
3. Broadband/multi-frequency convex, linear and transvaginal probes available to obtain quality image in any parts of the patient;
4. Wide application for the diagnosis of the organs such as liver, gall-bladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, heart, thyroid gland, breast, uterus, bladder, ovary, etc. It has been widely used in examing abdomen, obstetrics, urology, cardiology, gynecology, small parts, etc in hospital at all level. Six methods (GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL) available for the observation and measurement of fetus age and weight, etc