Sell Full-Functional Synchronous Ventilator (TPR-5000)

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A. Medical staffs can choose one among the three forms such as constant-time, constant-volume and constant-pressure to the patients' situation or can circularly choose among the three forms.
B. Multiform respiratory modes can be chosen under the three switching modes, which can guarantee for clinical subtle respiratory treatment.
C. Comprehensive setting and display of alarm value.
D. Configures with exact adjustment system for respiratory gas-oxygen concentration, calculagraph, constant temperature humidifier for inspiration gas.
E. Perfect computerized monitor for ventilating parameters and display for presetting number.

 Power supply: AC220V+22V 50HZ+1HZ
 Frequency(IPPV/IPPB) :6~60 breaths/min
 I/E ratio:1:1~1:3
 Tidal volume:0~1500ml/time
 Inspiration pause:0~0.5S with five gears
 SIGH: Sigh is added once per 100 breaths of respiration and its volume is one point fifth than the general ventilation.
 Synchronous sensitivity:-2~-0.1KPa
 Display of airway pressure:-2~6KPa
 Concentration of inspiration gas and oxygen:21%~100%adjustable
 Display of inspiration time:0.2~9.9s
 IPPV inspiration flux:10~99L/min
 Intermittent command ventilation frequency:1~15 breaths/min
 Alarm for upper-limitation of airway pressure:1.0~6.0KPa
 Alarm for lower-limitation of airway pressure:0~2.0KPa
 Switching time between synchronization mode and control mode:6s
 Display of minute volume:0~30L
 Presetting inspiration pressure: 0.1Kpa~3.5Kpa
 Alarm: Lack of tidal volume, upper-limitation and lower-limited, power off, sound-light indication.
 Ventilation Mode: Controlled volume, controlled pressure and controlled time.
 Ventilation mode: Inspiration pause, CPAP, IPPV, IPPB, PEEP, IPPV+SIGH, First-aid ventilation
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