Sell Full Motor-driven Injection Machine special for packing

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This applies in particular for the zero-defect standard electric and electronic industry, high quality requirements of the optical industry, the cleanroom application, thin wall and micro moding.


Economize:20%-70% less energy consumption compared to hydraulic machines

Robust:Stable machine design and high quality components for a long life time.

Sophisticated:Latest control technology from Austria.

Modular:Different injection units and screw size.

Precise:version for high speed injection.

Efficient:parallel movement on all axis.

Fast:dynamic servo drive.

Injection unit:

Four injection units for each clamping force.

A variety of screw diameter can be selected.

Parallel movement for injection and the ejection driven by independent servo motor with closed-loop control

Using high response servo motor and Xtype mechanical structure for quick and responsive injection performace .

Servo driven twin ball screws provide balanced injection motion with an accurancy of 0.01mm.

Closed-loop tempreture control on the feeding zone for optimal molded part quality at consistent material tempreture.