Sell Full-automatic vacuum packing machineELD-420

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Applicable scope:
Full-automatic vacuum packing machine is also called full-automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine or full-automatic plastic box thermal forming vacuum packing machine. It can do vacuum pumping, gas flushing and body-fitted packing for different kinds of food, meat products, sea food, fruits, vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, medicine products, ironware parts, medical instruments, etc.
Main function:
1, Photoelectric tracking, can packed by color velum or light membrane, low cost and high class.
2, It has sectional molds which are easy to renewal and multifunctional. The molds have a cooling system.
3, According to the customers requirements to the package, we can fill nitrogen or other protective gas into the bag on the basis of vacuum pumping.
4, According to the customers requirements to the package, we can provide automatic coding system.
5, Homemade vacuum pumps and imported vacuum pumps are provided. It has high vacuum degree, stable quality, durable and reliable performance.
6, Adopt specific chain which is suitable for the forming of the soft film, hard film and semi-hard film with different thickness.
7, Adopt advanced transect system and straight-cut system which are easy to operate.
8, It has corner scrap recovery system and wont pollute the environment.
9, Boxes, circle boxes or other boxes with different shapes are offered to the customers. The size of the boxes can be custom-made according to the customers products.
Production capacity:
Take DZL-420 (the width of the film is 420mm) as an example, if we make a 90W180mm type plastic box (a row can make four boxes, six rows per minute) , the production capacity will be twenty-four boxes per minute. The machine is made as the requirements from the customers, so you just need to tell us what your requirements about the machine are. For example, if you need to pack a 40W100mm box product and the requirement about the production capacity is fifty boxes per minute, that means you need nine boxes per row and the width of the film is 540mm. Therefore, the model of the machine is DZL-540.
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