Sell Fully Automatic Flexible Straw Making Machine

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This machine provides new levels of performance for the production of flexible straws. The entire operation, form product in-feed and forming to finished product out-feed, is automatically performed requiring the operator to add the material only.

The straight straw suplied in the hopper at the top of machine, are fed one by one into main drum of the machine and clamped by two mechanical catches. As the main drum rotates, the straw passes through two rotary dies to receive die-pressed effect, and then compressed with two catches to form flexible. And delivered to the output conveyor automatically.

The main drum always carries 12 straws in successive and different operation . This development represents a giant step forword for higher production of flexible straws.

Application Range:

High efficiency and high production rate.
Automatic counter, alarm in pre-set amount which is easy to pack into bags
Auto matic stop in the event of straw jamming
Automatic product counting.