Sell Fully Automatic Spreading Machine (WD-S100)

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Fabric spreader WD-S100 automatic spreading machine for rolls up to 100Kg. Spreading machines to spread any kind of fabric without tension and edges are perfectly aligned. Fabric spreader for fashion apparel, furniture, car industry and technical textiles.
- Cradle with single conveyor belt: Single conveyor belt prevents from marking of the fabric and problems caused by loose threads falling between rollers on multiple conveyor belt system.
- Easy loading and unloading rolls: Loading point from floor 1, 40mts for standard machine
- Automatic unwinding and winding up fabric: It makes easily and faster changing fabric roll.
- Adjustable edge side alignment by double sensor
- Spreading machine drives by encoder: The encoder system, allows programming automatically any marker length. You can spread the marker beginning to any part of the spreading table reaching perfect ends.
- Automatic high detector sensor: Assures the minimum distance between the cutting device and table top, avoiding wrinkles in laying process.
- Robotic technology: Fitted with standard PLC.
- Automatic start checks control: When machine is switched on.
- Programming feeding: To spread without tension. Tension free system.
- Optional tension free system bar: Tension is arranged while spreading automatically.
- Digital touch screen: Instructions by easily and graphic characters, particular adjustments for any kind of fabric.
- Device to spread fabrics roll in reverse way: If fabrics come rolled inside out way, machine can spread automatically without changing roll face.
- Automatic cutting device: Adjustable in speed, adjustable in length and with double speed IFS (impact free system) .
- Spreading machine security sensors emergency stop: To prevent any accident in the cutting room.
- Spreading any kind of fabric: Knitting fabric (open fabric, tubular, roll, book folded) , and woven fabric.
- Any way to spread: Face up without clamps, face down, zigzag, zigzag with cutting, face to face with semi-automatic turn turret (80kg) .
- Spreading height: 27 cm
- Roll weight: 100kg, 125kg,
- Working width: Up to 2, 20m

OPTIONS: -Semiautomatic turn turret -Intelligent handle controller -Modem for technical assistance -TFS tension free system bar -PC based CAD interface -Sizes and coolers, and junction point programming. -Zigzag device -Tubular device wrinkle free device.